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About Payment

We’re legally required to encrypt personal and financial data delivered through our website, so rest assured your information is safe with us - it cannot be intercepted and read. Your personal data is handled within data protection and privacy standards. We use a number of third-party services to make the payment safer.

1,Payment Methods

 Visa credit card, Mastercard credit card ,Paypal,Bank Transfer

2,How to pay with a credit  card

We totally accept visa and mastercard credit card, the payment requires authorisation on the server of the card issuer, if your payment didn't go throught, we suggest you check your card balance, card information, and the authorisation .

Here is a normal payment processing for reference. (if order failed, please reorder)

Add to cart ---> choose 'credit card payment' --->Submit order ----> Redirect to payment page

the payment page should be the following

any questions about the payment please feel free to contact us at any time, we will reply you in minutes.